Power: 156 MW
Level of the Study: Final design
Location: Pastaza River - Prov. of Tungurahua
Date Consultancy began: January 1982
Date Consultancy ended:
October 1987
Total Contract Amount: USD $5,124,405
Names of associated firms: Association TRACTIONEL (Belgium)-ASTEC-ICA-INELIN-INGECONSULT
Customer: Ecuadorian Institute of Electrification (INECEL)

The Agoyán (Jaime Roldós Aguilera) hydroelectric power plant is in central Ecuador, near the town of Baños, in the province of Tungurahua. It operates with the waters of the Pastaza River and is the country’s third-largest hydroelectric generator. ASTEC, in association with consulting firms TRACTIONEL, ICA, INELIN, and INGECONSULT, took part in the designs and advisory assistance to construct this hydroelectric power plant.

Work included reviewing existing studies and conducting complementary research and studies, as well as basic construction drawings and complete construction detail designs, preparing the detailed blueprints to build the following civil works: Dam, Conduction, Surge tank, Penstock, Powerhouse, Discharge tunnels and surge chamber, Maneuvering yard and Control building, Transmission substations, and Protection of the Agoyán waterfall.

Main Characteristics of the Project:
  • Capacity: 156 MW
  • Cofferdam: Desilter and daily regulation dam for 60 m3/seg, 600,000 m3
  • Dam: Gravity-type concrete, 43 m high and 300 m long, with a bottom drain, spillway and intake
  • Intake: For 120 m3/sec.
  • Pressure tunnel: 2400 m long for 120 m3/sec., diameter = 6.00 m
  • Surge tank: Underground
  • Penstock: 170 m with a head of 150 m
  • Equipment: Hydromechanical, mechanical, electrical and control
  • Powerhouse: Underground to hold 2 turbogenerator groups x 85,000 KVA each
  • Substation: Gas insulation, 138 KV
  • Discharge: Two low-pressure discharge tunnels 116 m each, diameter = 6.00 m

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