Power: 45 MW
Level of the Study: Adv
Date Consultancy began: Stage one: July 2006 Second Stage: October 2007
Date Consultancy ended: Stage one: September 2006 Second Stage: April 2008
Total Contract Amount: N/A
Name of associated firms: N/A


The Apaquí hydroelectric project is in northern Ecuador, in the province of Carchi, 100 km from the city of Quito, and uses the waters of the Apaquí River.

ASTEC performed the following activities as part of the advanced feasibility study: Review and updating of technical feasibility; updating costs of works and equipment; review and updating of economic feasibility; review and updating of environmental feasibility; and the preliminary environmental impact for the transmission line.
Subsequently ASTEC reviewed and updated the advanced feasibility study in order to improve the project’s characteristics, increasing its installed power from 36 MW to 45MW.
Main Characteristics of the Project
  • Height of the Dam: 20 m
  • Capacity of the Reservoir: 126,000 m3
  • Length of the spillway: 20 m
  • Intake: For 9 m3/s
  • Conduction tunnel and piping:
    • Section 1: Tunnel 3.6 m in outside diameter and 7680.1 m long
    • Section 2: Steel pipe 1.8 m in diameter, buried, 1495 m long
    • Section 3: Steel pipe 1.8 m in diamete
  • Surge tank: underground, vertical interconnection shaft 4 m in diameter and 35 m long; and shaft 8.0 m in diameter and 23 m high
  • Penstock: 1.70 m in diameter, with thicknesses of 0.8; 0.16; 0.22; 0.30; and 0.34 m
  • Powerhouse: Open-air; 3 units with a capacity of 15 MW each; area: 842.40 m2
  • Substation and transmission line: 138 kV

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