Industry: Brewing
Level of the Study: Design, Management and Inspection
Location: Quito - Prov. Pichincha
Date Consultancy began: June 2008
Date Consultancy ended: Under way
Total Contract Amount: USD $ -
Name of associated firms: - Customer: Cervecería National S.A.

Cervecería National, a subsidiary of SABMILLER PLC, is the leading brewer in Ecuador’s beer market. Their two plants in the country, Quito and Guayaquil, brew and market beers, malt liquors and water.

ASTEC handled the management, design and inspection of expansion of the following works at the Quito plant:
  • Access gate, including the entryways, controls and security devices (Area: 360m²)
  • Heavy vehicle maneuvering yard (Area: 1864m²)
  • Heavy vehicle parking lot (Area: 4320m²)
  • Bank offices to serve customers (Area: 200m²)
  • Remodeling internal circulation according to new accessway
  • Remodeling buildings (Area: 7268m²)
  • New platform to store empty bottles, crates, and processing (Area: 4211m²)
  • New office building and dining halls (Area: 1065m² on three floors).
  • Reinforcing warehouse structure to set up fire prevention system (network and sprinklers)
  • Change in the main fire prevention network

ASTEC @ 2009