Industry: Cement-making
Level of the Study: Inspection
Location: Otavalo - Prov. Imbabura
Date Consultancy began: February 2007
Date Consultancy ended: January 2009
Total Contract Amount: USD $ 142,614
Name of associated firms: - Customer: Cementos Lafarge Cementos S.A.

Lafarge, one of the world’s foremost cement companies, as part of their ongoing modernization and investment in Ecuador, expanded their cement plant in Otavalo.

ASTEC contributed to that project by overseeing civil and mechanical works during plant expansion. The most outstanding activities included:
  • Supervising laboratory tests for quality control of the work
  • Verifying the amounts of work implemented for measurement and payment:
    • Excavation and fillin
    • Foundations
    • Drainage work
    • Streets, courtyards and zones to be asphalted
    • Formwork and reinforcing steel
  • Overseeing timely performance of work according to schedule.
  • Financial accounting control
  • Verifying compliance with safety standards in effect at Lafarge Cement
  • Analyzing and judging technical solutions proposed by the builder
  • Validating and approving final blueprints prepared by the builder
  • Descriptive reports

ASTEC @ 2009