Industry: Commercial and Hostelry
Level del Study: Inspection
Location: Quito - Prov. Pichincha
Date Consultancy began: October 1992
Date Consultancy ended: April 1997
Total Contract Amount: USD $ 272,816
Customer: Promoter WTC, Quito


The World Trade Center, located in the city’s most important office district with the greatest future, is one of the most prestigious office buildings in Quito. It has two towers, one exclusively for offices (total area 21,675 m2) and one with offices and the Radisson Royal Hotel (total area 19,734 m2).

ASTEC oversaw construction of this building, both the office tower and the hotel construction and furnishing. ASTEC’s involvement covered the following fields:
  • Supervision and inspection of the building’s offices, comprising: reinforced concrete tower structure; full sanitary and electrical installations; air conditioning system; and intelligent security and control system. Structural, electrical, sanitary, air conditioning, security and intelligent control design.
  • Technical supervision and inspection of construction, furnishing and equipment of the tower including the hotel: Area 8733 m2; 113 rooms and suites; 2 kitchens; 2 restaurants; 3 event halls; lobby; back-office; service areas; boiler equipment; cisterns and pumps for the sanitary system, air conditioning system (cooling and heating); telephone and computing systems; and electrical and control installations.

ASTEC @ 2009