Population to Serve: Approx. 600,000
Level of the Study: Final design
Location: Quito - Prov. of Pichincha
Date Consultancy began: March 2003
Date Consultancy ended: August 2003
Total Contract Amount: USD $175,346.26
Name of associated firms: -
Customer: Environmental Health Corporation for Quito

The Machangara is Quito's most important river, and receives 75% of the city’s waste waters, plus large quantities of garbage and rubble, which further pollutes it.

The general cleanup and recovery plan for the Machangara River will stop dumping of sewage, by building sanitary sewerage interceptors on both sides of the river, leading to the treatment plant(s) and ultimate discharge into the Guayllabamba River.

ASTEC did the final designs for sections 1, 2 and 3, for all elements for catchment, collection, separation and conduction of sewage to the interceptor collectors and transporting lines.
Work was done in two phases:
  • Phase 1: Assessment of the Current Situation, preliminary design of alternatives identified,  and selection of alternatives.
  • Phase 2: Final Design of the alternative selected, including:
    • Hydraulic and sanitary designs for the catchment system
    •  Separation of conduction and discharge flows
    • Study of soil mechanisms in the places where the main facilities are implemented
    • List of materials and unit prices, final budget and timetable
    • Technical specifications for materials and construction
    •  Environmental impact study

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