Population to Serve: Approx. 200,000
Level of the Study: Final design
Location: Canton of Ambato - Prov. of Tunguragua
Date Consultancy began: June 1977
Date Consultancy ended: May 1980
Total Contract Amount: USD $ 634,422
Name of associated firms: N/A
Customer: Ecuadorian Institute of Sanitary Works (IEOS)

Both the canton and the city of Ambato are in central Ecuador, 176 km south of the city of Quito. The canton and city have Ecuador’s fourth-largest population, with nearly 340,000 inhabitants.

ASTEC performed the feasibility and final studies for the systems to collect, treat and dispose of sewage and rainwater runoff for the city of Ambato. The consultancy also included the final water supply studies for the following localities in the canton: Yanahurco, Alobamba, San Francisco and La Esperanza. ASTEC also conducted the final studies for sanitary sewerage systems for the following localities of the canton: Huachi Grande, Montalvo, Cevallos and Picaigua.

The activities covered by these studies included:

  • Sampling and physical, chemical and bacteriological analyses of sewage in the Ambato River
  • Study on the Ambato River’s own self-purification
  • Inventory of industries
  • Restoring the existing system and a hydraulic analysis of that system.
  • Investigating supply sources
  • Investigating possible disposal bodies
  • Studies of alternatives to collect, treat and dispose of sewage
  • Studies and final designs for the alternatives selected
  • Lists of materials, budgets, technical specifications for construction, financing, and building timetables

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