Population to Serve: Approx. 600,000
Level of the Study: Final design
Location: Quito - Prov. of Pichincha
Date Consultancy began: August 2006
Date Consultancy ended: July 2007
Total Contract Amount: USD $ 188,816
Name of associated firms: N/A
Customer: Metropolitan Sewerage and Water Supply Company of Quito (EMAAP-Q);

The Piedra Azufre project is part of the La Mica – South Quito project aiming to improve quality of life for people in southern Quito, capital of Ecuador, through a more efficient water supply and sewerage system with greater capacity.

The Piedra Azufre project planned to optimize catchment of water from Antisana River and catchment of water from I and J Rivers into the La Mica Lagoon, to significantly improve water quality conditions from the Antisana River at the intake for the La Mica - South Quito Project, and also to catch and conduct water to the Lagoon in order to assure the design flow rate for the La Mica-South Quito project.
For that purpose, ASTEC made the final designs for the following components:
  •  Optimizing the Catchment from the Antisana River: this involved a two-chamber sand trap 65 m long and 4 m wide; 20 dikes have been planned: the first four (under 92 m long) upriver are retaining walls and the other 16 (under 14 m long) are for erosion control.
  • Transfer of flow from Gullies “J” and “I” to the Sarpache 2 River: the catchments are two Caucasian intakes located on Gully “J” (designed to collect 160 lt/s) and on Gully “I” (designed to collect 140 l/s); the average flow rate collected is 157 l/s. Conduction involves a PVC pipeline 8149 m long with diameters of 250 to 500 mm, with some sections flowing under pressure and others by gravity.
  • Access roads: To access the construction site and maintain the conduction, 8419 m long.

ASTEC @ 2009