Manu Irrigation Project

Area: 1400 hectares
Level of Study: Feasibility and Final design
Location: Loja
Date Consultancy began: September 1995
Date Consultancy ended: October 1996
Total Contract Amount: USD $255,632,00
Name of associated firms: None
Customer: Ecuadorian Subcommission, PREDESUR

Characteristics of the Project:

The purpose of the “Manú” irrigation project is to irrigate an area of approximately 1400 hectares up to 2600 meters altitude, located on the right bank of the Huapamala River, and to generate stable employment, by increasing production so farmers and farm workers can improve their income and standard of living.
The project’s specific goals are:
  • Define the technical feasibility of taking in, conducting and distributing water for irrigation by selecting among the alternatives that meet the conditio¬ns of being technically and economically favorable and subsequently to make a final design for the alternative selected.
  • Raise farmers’ consciousness and train them in proper use of soil and water, and the comparative economic advantages of their respective areas of influence.
  • Conduct an economic evaluation of the project, to determine its profitability over its life expectancy.
  • Raise farmers’ awareness to the ecological risks of irrationally using chemicals.
  • Advising on growing techniques and produce marketing.
  • Improve post-harvest handling of agricultural produce.
  • Establish the project’s economic impact by increasing production, employment and household income.

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