Draining control system to canalize the Chone River

Area: N/A
Date Consultancy began: January 1998
Date Consultancy ended: October 1998
Total Contract Amount: USD $ 177,419
Name of associated firms: Association ASTEC- HIDROESTUDIOS CIA. LTDA. (Ecuador)
Customer: Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

Características del Proyecto:
The aim of the study consisted of preventing flooding of the city of Chone, guaranteeing water supply sources and constructing a rainwater drainage system compatible with flood control solutions.

Basic studies: hydrological research, geological and geotechnical research, demographic studies, water demand, study area characteristics, topographical surveys, assessment of flood damage and unit costs.

Studies of alternatives: concepts of alternatives, sizing of alternatives for: regulation dams, expansion chambers or dikes, dikes to protect the banks of the Chone River, dredging of the main waterways; relief canals or bypasses provided for the respective diversion works; lines conducting untreated water to the treatment plant: estimates for pumping and drive lines.
Studies of environmental effects of alternatives: costs.
Feasibility of the alternative selected: field studies, feasibility design, hydraulic simulations, control of high-water in the basin of the Grande, Santo, Mosquito and Garrapatilla Rivers; protection of the banks of the Chone River through the city; upgrading the deviation canal (6.0 km long); implementing a new rainwater drainage system (170 hectares); economic - financial evaluation: environmental impact studies; institutional analysis (Stages I and II); preparing terms of reference. Improving access roadway (15 km). Basin feeding the Chone River: 520 km2; beneficiary population: 75,000 inhabitants

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