Area: 180,000 hectares
Level of Study: Advanced Feasibility
Contract Amount: USD $338,297
Date Consultancy Began: October 1996
Date Consultancy ended: June 1999
Total Contract Amount: USD $1,758,859
Name of associated firms: Association TAHAL (Israel)/ASTEC
Customer: Provincial Council of Pichincha

Características del Proyecto:
Stage one:

he TAHAL-ASTEC Association did the feasibility studies for five groups of products (citrus fruits, other fruits and vegetables, spices, traditional products and livestock – cattle and swine), for 28 groups of farmers, including the specific studies for the products selected, and a study integrating the regions. The technical, economic and financial feasibility of implementing three agroindustrial units in the Program area was determined. Technical advisory assistance and training were provided to the rural organizations in areas involving business administration, using technologies for marketing and agroindustrialization projects.
Stage two:

The overall project goal was to “involve organized farmers in agribusiness by planning their actions and adopting behaviors to get more benefit out of marketing agricultural products”, consolidating (socially, organizationally and commercially) the groups established in the first cycle (28) through a Program of Technical and Participatory Assistance (PAC), and continuing with monitoring and mentoring in the field.

Assistance and training for farmers aimed specifically to: promote and support the implementation of leadership, business training and development of personal skills; consolidate secondary organizational structures; establish strategic alliances between groups and strategic partners; reinforce groups’ technological capacity and develop and consolidate the commercial base for the business undertaken by each group; research opportunities for demand in domestic markets (Quito, Guayaquil, Ambato) and on the foreign market.

Pre-investment studies were also done to publicize the projects and promote direct contact between farmers and potential implementers to build integrated partnership arrangements.

ASTEC @ 2009