Population: Approx. 212,000
Level of the Study: Final design
Location: Quito - Prov. Pichincha
Date Consultancy began: October 1991
Date Consultancy ended: August 1992
Total Contract Amount: USD $ 1,331,536
Name of associated firms: Association CES (Germany)/ASTEC-HIDROESTUDIOS-ICP-ACSAM
Customer: National Housing Board (currently MIDUVI)

Infrastructure and urban equipment works to improve neighborhoods in Quito are part of the Urban Development Company of Quito’s project to provide basic infrastructure to improve the quality of life for inhabitants of the city’s marginal neighborhoods.

ASTEC prepared the final designs for the Infrastructure and Urban Equipment works to Improve the Pilot Neighborhoods of Jaime Roldós, Pisulí and Nueva Aurora, located in south de Quito, and totaling a population of 212,000. The main activities were:
  • Road engineering: defining the urban roadway network, and designing the corresponding streets, including sidewalks
  • Sanitary engineering: water supply and sewerage services for all lots
  • Road equipment: Defining the geometry and location of bus stops, markets, solid waste (garbage) collection centers, parking areas and other elements to complement the roadway network.
  • Works to protect gullies: intervening in existing gullies to protect the side cliffs to prevent them from eroding with runoff; cleaning gully watercourses; equipping green and recreational areas; works to protect the top of canyon cliffs to protect the safety of passersby; design fills; embankments and other works required to improve the environment and surroundings.
  • Designing Parks and Gardens: Designing recreational, sports and leisure areas, improving medians and existing green areas.
  • Rehabilitating and upgrading equipment: rehabilitating existing constructions and building new works to improve current neighborhood equipment (reviewing existing plans and completing them; final architectural design of works, quantifying and budgeting; and preparing a future maintenance program to prevent deterioration and keep the structures in top operating condition.
  • Environmental Sanitation and Impact: identifying environmental impacts to prevent or remedy them and preparing the corresponding environmental plans.
  • Lighting
  • Technical Specifications
  • Pre-contract documents Work quantities and Budget
  • Work quantities and Budget

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