Population: Approx. 150,000
Level del Study: Prefeasibility
Location: Milagro - Prov. Guayas
Date Consultancy began: May 1984
Date Consultancy ended: July 1985
Total Contract Amount: USD $ 219,017
Name of associated firms: Association ASTEC-DIPLAN/TYPSA (Spain)
Customer: Municipality of Milagro


Milagro is a medium-sized city in southwestern Ecuador, in the province of Guayas. With a current population actual of nearly 150,000 inhabitants, Milagro had been growing in a disorderly manner, with insufficient basic services. The project aimed to improve the inhabitants’ standard of living by physical planning and urban development.

ASTEC’s involvement covered the following fields:
  • Socio-economic aspects: evaluation of productive structure; sectoral issues; employment and distribution of income in Milagro
  • Physical planning: roadway structure (inter-urban system, urban roads, urban hierarchies, overall, downtown, bypassing outside traffic, specializing streets, de-congesting the city center)

  • Infrastructure and equipment
  • Transportation infrastructure: (roadway network: main roads, arteries, collectors, local and pedestrian routes; parking); demand for transport (traffic in the network: public transport network, transport terminals: port, airport, inter-city transport terminal, urban transport terminal, cargo terminal)
  • Basic infrastructure: Water supply system, sanitary sewerage, rainwater sewers, electricity, telephones, communications; hydraulic system.
  • Programming the plan: socioeconomic program; transportation infrastructure program; water supply, sanitary and rain sewerage, electricity and telecommunications programs
  • Economic and financial study: basic infrastructure and transportation infrastructure
  • Traffic research: analysis and assessment of the current situation, design of the future roadway network and evaluation of the demand for transportation.

ASTEC @ 2009